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Our Research Activities

Fast Research

Aimed at speedy investigation and analysis sought by governments, international organisations, and corporations. Our short turnaround research focuses on clarifying and navigating topics of immediate concern to policymakers and practitioners of strategic communications. Drawing on our networks of scholarly and practitioner experts around the world, we are sensitive to cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and ideological divergence, while avoiding conventional traps of mirror-imaging and misconception.

Slow Research

Pursues academic depth and rigour through doctoral and post-doctoral inquiry. Our researchers’ areas of original insight include metaphor and discourse analysis; memory construction and narrative formation; networks and global complexity; Indo-Pacific strategic discourse formation; Chinese and Russian strategic thinking; insurgency and counterinsurgency practice; disinformation and counter-disinformation practices; Open Source (OSINT) data analysis; and behavioural change models and advances in Artificial Intelligence/Language Learning Models affecting Strategic Communications.

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